• 3.25" Pots- $5 each
    • This format is for the most mature seedlings we've got.These plants will be ready to harvest sooner, and are more resilient to transplant shock and other environmental stresses
  • 2" pots- $8 for a pack of 4 pots
    • This format is for younger, smaller seedlings. These plants are younger than those in the 3.25" pots, so won't be ready to harvest as early. They offer a more economical solution for those looking to purchase many seedlings, but they are more delicate than the larger seedlings.
  • 1.5" pots- 8$ for a pack of 6 pots
    • This format is used mainly for veggies that you'll want to plant abundantly in your garden, like leafy greens, for example. They are relatively quick to mature, so we didn't bother growing them to a large size that would require a bigger pot.

Pricing and Formats