Certified Organic Seedlings

Grown Right In Ottawa


Green’s Creek Organic Nursery grows over 80 varieties of organic vegetable and herb seedlings, as well as some edible flowers. We are excited to serve gardeners in the Ottawa region who are passionate about growing their own organic food.


Chadwick is a farmer originally from St Lucia, where he worked on his family’s farm since 2015 growing over 25 different varieties of crops. He migrated to Canada and recently graduated from the Algonquin College’s horticultural program. He has volunteered with Just Food, where he and Mat met, and has also managed gardens at Sir Guy Carleton. 

Mat has been farming in Ottawa for the past 5 years, growing a variety of organic vegetables at Capital Greens Urban Farm. He started out growing vegetables in people’s suburban front and backyards before he took on a larger plot of land at the Just Food Community Farm. 


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